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NetWave Broadband is your premier wireless internet service provider in Minnesota. We equip high-speed internet up to 1 Gigabit in rural areas near the twin cities. Using sophisticated antennas, we beam your data directly to your home. Installation is quick – Our technicians install a small properly calibrated antenna dish and align it to receive our signal. Once installed, the high-speed connection will deliver the full power of the internet to all the devices in your home. Play your games online or your streaming video until your heart’s content.

Image of Fixed Wireless Setup with NetWave

Why are we the fastest provider?

NetWave Broadband streamlines our network to eliminate unneccessary hops from your home to any website. Our network is so fast, our users only see one hop through our equipment. No more connection flights on your route.

The industry average time to download 1 Gigabyte is 81 seconds. Through a drastic reduction of latency within our network or the delay between two computers talking, NetWave decreased the time to download 1 Gigabyte to below 40 seconds.

The industry standard way to test latency is a ping test. Our network ping time dropped from the average 40,000,000 nanoseconds to 5,000,000 nanoseconds on a trip from a home Router to Google through our fixed wireless network.

Image of Path from home network to internet through the NetWave network

What can you do with our network?

NetWave Broadband high-speed internet allows for endless possibilities. We guarantee a minimum of 40 Mbps when using our 5Ghz equipment. The industry recomends speeds of 10 Mbps for HD and 35 Mbps for 4K video streaming, and recomends 25 Mbps for online gaming. We have plenty of providers that we know work well on our network, check a few out on by going to our Explore page or use the link below.

TV or Gaming Providers that work well with NetWave.

How are we different from other service providers?

NetWave Broadband primarily serves Scott County and Le Sueur County, but we do offer services elsewhere. Eventhough this is a smaller area, there are still many other internet providers serving the area. We guarantee a minimum of 40 Mbps when using our 5Ghz equipment, however, our users may see much higher speeds. The average speed on our network is 75 Mbps, but some see 275 Mbps. What speed you get from our tower is the same price, our price to you is not based on the amount of data you use.

NetWave vs. other service providers.

How expensive is our internet service?

NetWave Broadband pricing for internet varies by location, but our full price is $99.99/mo with a one-time installation fee of $299.99. We offer many discounts by location that exist for a limited time can get you up to 50% off as well as other discount options such as:

The service also includes a router and a router service plan. Should internet problems occur, the router service plan includes:

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What other services can we offer?

In addition to supplying your internet connection, NetWave Broadband also offers:

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Finally, you'll be able to enjoy everything the internet has to offer at speeds up to 30 times as fast as your current connection!

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